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Validating input output transformation

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When the scheme method does not take into account the route authentication configuration. It is limited to the basic strategy authentication execution.It does not include verifying scope, entity, or other route properties. When setting a context inside a plugin, the context is applied only to methods set up by the plugin.A path parameter may only contain letters, numbers and underscores, e.g. For example, the route '/book/' matches '/book/' with the value of The router iterates through the routing table on each incoming request and executes the first (and only the first) matching route. Requests are matched in a deterministic order where the order in which routes are added does not matter.Route matching is done based on the combination of the request path and the HTTP verb (e.g. Routes are matched based on the specificity of the route which is evaluated at each segment of the incoming request path.

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If the payload size is under the limit, no compression is performed.

Only one catch-all route can be defined per server connection.

Note that the root server and each plugin server instance can only register one rules processor.

This means that calling , the specifics of the error affect whether additional authentication strategies will be attempted (if configured for the route).

If the error includes a message, no additional strategies will be attempted.